Established in 2006, Job Capital is a team of industry-awarded
Labour Hire experts that offers a suite of HR and recruitment services

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Labour Hire Services

Job Capital provides solutions to both candidates and recruiters

We specialise in offering comprehensive labour hire services that meet the needs of both Australian contractors and overseas talent, as well as the clients they serve. Our client base encompasses a wide range of industries, including both white collar and blue collar sectors. Our primary objective is to facilitate seamless employment scenarios, enabling businesses to leverage the precise skills and expertise they require exactly when they need them.

Australian contractors: We provide diverse opportunities across a broad range of industries, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your unique skill set.

Overseas talent: We support you every step of the way by providing premium job opportunities and extensive assistance in navigating Australia’s intricate visa and immigration processes.

Clients: More than staffing solutions – we provide a strategic partnership that empowers your business and fuels its growth. With our On Hire Labour Agreement, we provide easy access to a diverse international pool of skilled professionals.

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Visa and Migration Services

Are you finding it hard to source the right talent? Job Capital makes it easy.

Job Capital has an OHLA (on-hire labour agreement) with the Australian Department of Home Affairs to sponsor international talent and then on-hire them to you.

Since 2006 we have been supporting clients and agencies to fill talent shortages with overseas skilled workforces, located both in and outside of Australia.

We take care of the entire visa/migration process in a fast and simple way.

PLUS there are other benefits for both you and your new hire.

Job Capital can work directly with a client, or through a recruitment agency.

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“I have been working with Job Capital since 2019 and they provide a unique but useful service. We have some key staff members working with BEON through a sponsorship on hire arrangement with Job Capital. Kylie and Job Capital have always reacted quickly and professionally to every request I have made and have often “made things happen” at short notice. Beon and Job Capital continue to have a great relationship and we intend to keep utilising Job Capital for all our sponsorship needs.”

Richard Reynold
Project Director BEON Energy Solutions


Yes. For many years Job Capital has engaged Holly Byrne – MARN 0848815 – as its registered Migration Agent of choice.

As a pre approved sponsor Job Capital’s 482 applications are currently taking 2 to 4 weeks to process. Processing times vary, for up to date processing times speak to a Job Capital consultant.

There are over 400 occupations on the skilled list for 482 sponsorship that Job Capital can sponsor. Typically we sponsor candidates in ICT, Finance, Engineering, Marketing and Construction.

The client does not need to be a sponsor. Job Capital handles the entire visa application process and liaises directly with the department of home affairs.

We assess eligibility and use a registered migration agent to ensure all of our applications are expertly handled.

We take care of all the employment responsibilities including work related insurances, processing payroll, remitting PAYG tax and superannuation.

Our client receives highly skilled resources for up to 4 years.

For any new 482 visa application or 482 nomination transfer, evidence of advertising the role in Australia is required. There must be evidence that our client has sought suitable skilled candidates from the local Australian market. Specific timelines and platforms are required to meet LMT requirements. Job Capital can do this for you.

For all new visa applications evidence that the salary paid to the sponsored employee is inline with Market salary must be provided.

Each occupation has a minimum skill level to be eligible for sponsorship. For a free assessment please send your CV and current visa to

Applicants can include their immediate family members with their application. This includes a spouse or de facto partner and children.

As a client we need a signed agreement to proceed with an application. Job Capital requires a 6 month minimum contract to engage a sponsored employee.

As a sponsored employee a signed employment contract is required to lodge the visa application.

The duration of how long we can apply for a 482 visa is dependent on the occupation. Most occupations are on the STSOL (short term skilled occupation list). An applicant can apply for two 2-year applications. There are also some occupations on the MLTSSL (Medium long term strategic skills list). Applicants being sponsored on the MLTSSL can apply for a 4-year 482 visa plus subsequent 4-year visas.

Costs vary depending on an individual’s circumstances such as family dependants and the duration of the visa. After assessment and consultation for sponsorship Job Capital will provide an itemized breakdown of the costs.

Contractor Management Services

Managing Contractors is a big job. Did you know you can outsource it all?

Job Capital provides a full on-hire and outsource payroll service that includes things like contracts, insurances, timesheets, tax obligations, super and more.

Established for 16 years, Job Capital has processed over $1 billion in payroll to contractors and ABN holders, serviced over 10,000 contractors, helped over 1000 companies, and assisted contractors in every white collar industry across every state and territory in Australia.

We now also provide services to blue collar industries.

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“I had 4 candidates contracting through my agency at a bank, all on Working Holiday Visas, with their 6 month limit coming up. The hiring manager was keen for them to continue, but thought he’d have to let them go due to their visa restrictions. Job Capital was able to take on the contractors and sponsor them with 482 Skilled Visas, then on-hire them to my agency, and we were able to subcontract to the bank, thus allowing them to continue their roles indefinitely and without restriction. Kylie at Job Capital was responsive, clear, concise, informative and always very helpful. She made a complex and usually quite convoluted process seamless and stress-free.”

Agency client


Outsourced payroll is the processing of a company’s payroll for internal employees. Job Capital provides tax reporting, regulatory compliance and process’s payments on behalf of the company.

Companies who engage temp or contract staff can outsource the payroll and employment responsibilities to a contract management service provider. For contract management services the entire employment responsibility is outsourced. Job Capital engages the employee to work for the client including the processing of their payroll.

Job Capital processes payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the invoicing cycle.

The client can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

For contract management services Job Capital covers all work place insurances including workers compensation, public liability and professional Indemnity.

Job Capital has an online timesheet system or accepts client approved timesheets.

All approved work related expenses can be processed through payroll.

Job Capital can advise you on claimable expenses that can be processed through payroll based on your individual circumstances.

Typically Job Capital has immediate payment terms as we process payroll on receipt of payment.

If you have your own registered company (ABN) and need a payroll company, then Job Capital can assist you.

  • Saves time processing payroll.
  • Job Capital provides a compliant service with an experienced team of professionals.
  • Outsourcing contract administration
  • Outsourcing cost of insurances
  • No requirement for internal payroll staff
  • Outsourcing employment obligations

The cost will vary depending on payroll numbers, payroll frequency and level of service required. Contact us for a free quote to find out more.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Are you looking to automate and streamline your payroll functions?

Organisations of any size can payroll contractors and decrease reported overhead costs and employee-related risk.

Single invoice itemised with each employee provided in client defined format (matched to client general ledger) and synced with client pay and invoicing cycles.

Web based, full-life-cycle payroll platform that includes on boarding, timesheet and payroll processing.

Dashboard function that enables employers and employees to self-manage their timesheet requirements.

Job Capital insurance solutions included for all ABN Contractors (e.g. Professional Indemnity, Management Liability).

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“Job Capital is a very experienced compliance immigration and payroll partner who we selected to provide us with valuable advice, solutions and insights to enable Automation Recruitment / Labour Hire to provide Trades and Engineer contractors for new projects and maintenance shift coverage to our Sydney Automation, Electrical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Material Handling, Mining, Ports, Supermarket and Warehouse / Distribution Centre clients. In our first year, working together we have secured a strong base of clients and built a profitable labour hire business and have placed high value Industrial Trades and Engineers into the leading Automation, Engineering and Manufacturing companies across NSW.”

John Hunt
Automation Recruitment / Labour Hire


  • Calculating salary payments based on timesheets or rate of pay
  • PAYG calculations
  • Superannuation calculations
  • Payroll reporting including payroll tax
  • Ensure data protection and compliance
  • Monitor leave accrual

We can run payroll weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

As the employer, your business is responsible for their workplace insurance.

  • Saves time processing payroll
  • Job Capital provides a compliant service with an experienced team of professionals
  • Outsourcing contract administration
  • No requirement for internal payroll staff
  • We provide and track timesheets

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