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Outsource Payroll Services

The payroll system we utilise is an international lead-practice solution, which is deployed in 35 countries and currently services over 40,000 organisations. The inherent scalability and flexibility of the platform is well suited to organizations looking at automating and streamlining their payroll functions.

Manage your global, national or state payroll operations from one system, and leverage consolidated reporting to deliver better financial analysis to your business.

Employee/Contractor – Centric

Flexible and easy to use system. Unique from other traditional payroll systems in its flexibility, the payroll platform has been developed to be ‘Employee-Centric’. Each employee in effect becomes their own payroll, allowing the system to handle an unlimited number of variations for each employee on the system.

User friendly, flexible & informative system – for example, contractors and clients will experience a high-degree of flexibility with the system as they seek to use all the different features offered.


In servicing our clients, we are not restricted by the rules of traditional payroll systems which are renowned for being dogmatic and inflexible. As such we can configure the end-to-end solution to follow your business processes and formats, thereby providing organisation stakeholders with a vastly improved user experience.

Customised client reporting – for example, we can provide a completely customised reporting format matched to the Organisation general ledger codes, that will enable automated up-loads of all contractor related timesheet data and the highest levels of data accuracy and integrity.

Dual branding – for example, we can brand all time sheets with client logos to promote brand awareness.

Global Platform

Examples of organisations utilising the platform range from one organisation paying approximately 100,000 employees per week, across 14 different countries, and 14 different currencies through to companies with as few as 10 employees.

Industry Compliance

The system has been thoroughly audited by the Australian Payroll Association, and it has been confirmed that the solution is compliant with all the required Australian Payroll practices/legislations.

Features & Benefits

Key features & benefits of our leading payroll solution include:

  • Organisations of any size can payroll contractors and decrease reported overhead costs and employee related risk.
  • Single invoice itemised with each employee provided in client defined format (matched to client general ledger) and synced with client pay and invoicing cycles.
  • Web based, sector leading and full-life-cycle payroll platform that connects with all widely-used payroll systems.
  • Dashboard function that enables employers and employees to self-manage payroll and timesheet requirements
  • ABN Contractor access for the Job Capital insurance solutions included (e.g. Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity, Management Liability)

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