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On Hire Labour Agreements

OHLA industries serviced

Flexible Workforce Management Solution

Via Job Capital’s OHLA (On Hire Labour Agreement), we are able to nominate and sponsor skilled talent on the subclass 482 visa to be on-hired to an unrelated business in over 416 Short Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL) and Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) professions (see table) provided the annual salary is AUD 65,000 or more.

For a full list of eligible skilled occupations, visit the Department of Home Affairs page here.

This visa, referred to as the TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage) visa, enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in genuinely skilled workers when they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian. Job Capital simplifies this process for clients who are faced with skills shortages in the market by supplying skilled candidates via the subclass 482 visa.

Job Capital, with its partners, manages on behalf of a client, the entire candidate experience, from appropriate role and contract fit, labour market testing, and managing the visa application and migration criteria, to organising the relevant insurances.

Particularly for companies with a high proportion of foreign contingent workers in the ITC, engineering and project management sectors, this service has proven priceless in terms of the time, money and energy usually required to organise hiring these much-needed employees directly.

Job Capital provides faster access to skilled workers, and removes barriers for employers who are not experts in Australia’s complicated migration and visa policies, or who perhaps are unable to sponsor candidates themselves and are too busy simply getting on with business as usual.

Further, Job Capital can sponsor skilled workers whose application has been processed either on-shore or off-shore. Which means we can support your organisation and your interested candidates, regardless of their country of origin or current location.

Job Capital performs due diligence at initial engagement with the visa applicants to assess if they are eligible for 482 Sponsorship. We can then provide fast and accurate recommendations to our clients and candidates to enable quick and informed business staffing decisions.

Recruitment Companies

As well as working directly with organisations, Job Capital also partners with recruitment companies and supports you in providing workforce solutions for your clients. Job Capital requires no commercial or ongoing contract or relationship with these clients.

When you source a suitable overseas candidate that your client wants to employ, but does not wish to sponsor, you can contact us to organise their visa as part of the service when you enter an agreement with us as the contractor management provider.

As the sponsor of the skilled contractor, Job Capital then enters into an agreement with the employer and makes all appropriate statutory payments such as PAYG, Payroll Tax, etc on behalf of your client.

Get in touch us and we will expertly guide you with full transparency as to how we can save you time and money when solving your skilled labour shortfalls.

  • The Job Capital OHLA with the Department of Home Affairs enables us to directly employ foreign nationals under 416 different occupation categories, which in turn we can on-hire to our clients.
  • Full management of skilled talent, including migration and visa requirements.
  • Organisations that are not willing or able to sponsor worker visas directly benefit from this solution.

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