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Pro Salary Packaging

Pay less tax and keep more of your pay with our Pro Salary Packaging service. We can increase your pay by up to 30%, with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

This is a great solution for temporary visa holders who are trying to maximise the money they can earn while working in Australia and who have the potential and intention to permanently relocate. It is also a fantastic employee value proposition for employers to inspire loyalty, reliability, engagement and retention of this valuable workforce.

How it works:

While overseas visitors are in Australia on a Temporary Visa (Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417, TSS Visa Subclass 482/457, Student Visa Subclass 500) they are able to deduct any rent they pay from their pre-tax income when they are working. This reduces the amount of tax that they need to pay and increases the amount of take home pay in their pocket. For example, if they earn $1000 per week and pay $300 per week in rent, they only pay tax on $700.

Please note that this is not tax advice and Job Capital is not a tax advisory service.

As well as increasing employee satisfaction, employers win by having Job Capital take care of their temporary visa workers’ payroll – at no cost. Save time and save money.

Talk to us today to see how simple it is to pay less tax and take home more cash.

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