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Salary Package And Increase Your Pay By Up To 30%

Job Capital offers a Permanent Relocation Package (PRP) solution that is unique and includes the provision of temporary accommodation for temporary visa holders.

Pro Salary Packaging increases the ‘take-home’ pay of visa-holding employees by up to 30%, with a pre-tax salary packaging solution that is entirely unique to Job Capital. Ultimately this is a significant Employee Value Proposition (EVP) which enables increased levels of employee satisfaction, engagement and retention.

Working Holiday Visa (WHV) holders (Subclass 417) can choose this benefit while living in temporary accommodation because of relocation in connection with their work.

Until the 30th June (2017) foreign workers will continue to lose between 38% and 47% of the superannuation that is withheld from their take-home pay.

WHV holders are excited about this benefit already, however considering that from 1st July 2017 they will lose 65% of their Superannuation to the Australian Government, they are already expressing more and more interest in our unique solution as they seek to maximise take-home pay.

As a side note, Job Capital offers this benefit to all employees on-hired to our clients as part of our On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) with the Department of Border Protection (DIBP). Companies that employ 417 and 482 visa staff also choose Job Capital for this Salary Packaging Service.

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