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On Hire Labour Agreements

Flexible Workforce Management Solution

As one of a limited number of Federal Government On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) contract holders, Job Capital is authorised to directly employ overseas skilled workers on 482 business visas and then ‘on-hire’ them to unrelated business entities (I.e. your organisation or your clients organisation).

Job Capital currently supports 23 Occupations under our OHLA.

Further, Job Capital can sponsor skilled workers whose application has been processed either on-shore or off-shore. Which means we can support your organisation and your interested candidates, regardless as to their country of origin or current location.

Job Capital preforms due diligence at initial engagement with the visa applicants to asses if they are eligible for 482 Sponsorship. We then can provide fast and accurate recommendations to our clients and candidates to enable quick and informed business decision making about employment.

Recruitment Companies

Separately to working directly with organisations, we also partner with recruitment companies to support you in providing workforce solutions for your clients. Job Capital requires no commercial or on going contact or relationship with your clients. If you have sourced a foreign national candidate that your clients wants, but does not want to sponsor, that is when you can involve us for a fast and simple solution.

Job Capital employs the candidate you have sourced for your client and then on-hires them to you to deploy with your end client. Simples. Yes we have fees, however based on our research we have the lowest OHLA fees in the market.

Start a conversation with us and we will guide you exactly and transparently as to where and how we think we can add value to your given workforce scenario that you are solving for.

  • The Job Capital OHLA with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) enables us to directly employ foreign nationals under 23 different occupation categories, which in turn we can host with our clients.
  • Full management of expatriate contingent workers, including migration and visa requirements.
  • Organisations that are not about to sponsor worker visas directly benefit from this solution

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